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Best Way To Increase Telegram Channel or Group Member ?

One of the main concerns of group and channel managers in Telegram is to increase the number of their users. It doesn’t matter if you are the manager of a newly established channel or an old channel or group, increasing Telegram’s user experience is always a big challenge. But if we know how to increase Telegram member, then it’s fun.
In this article, we will talk about effective ways to increase the number of users of the Telegram group or channel so that you can see a big change in the number of your Telegram users.

In this article, we will talk about Free and Paid methods to increase Telegram member , which can be implemented by one or both of them according to your needs.

Free Method to increase Telegram member

Before we get started and explain the methods, we need to follow a few basic standards. Why do we say standard, because it’s very obvious, and if you want your users to increase, you have to follow them.

1:Use the appropriate name

If you have just launched your Telegram group or channel, you should know that the first thing that users consider is the name and purpose of the channel. Having a good name with your field of activity and choosing attractive explanations can have a direct impact on your audience. It is very important not to have a good name and description.
If you are one of the people who have a lot of users on your channel but do not have interesting explanations, I suggest you use this tool that you have well.

2:Produce appropriate content

The first thing that can be very effective in increasing the membership of your channel or Telegram group is to produce content that meets the needs and interests of users. The more up-to-date, engaging, and user-friendly your content is, the more members will join your channel or group. So always try to determine the main purpose of your Telegram channel or group in terms of content and choose the best field or possible fields. This could greatly increase Telegram’s membership.

Another thing that can help increase your Telegram membership and the type of content you produce is that you don’t have to change the content of your content. Try to choose the best possible subject from the beginning. In the future, as you expand your business, you can add new branches, but never change the main topic of your channel.

If you’ve followed these two tips well, we can look at organic ways to increase your Telegram channel.

3:invite your friends and Dependents

add friend to channel

Telegram has provided a special feature for Telegram channel managers and groups that can add up to 200 users manually and through their audience. But once you’ve added 200, you can no longer use it. use. At this point, you can ask your friends to send your channel link to their friends so you can increase the number of channel users. If you don’t know where your channel invite link is located, I suggest you read the how to find telegram invite link and change them article.

channel invite link

This method is one of the natural ways you can increase your users.

4:Participate in similar chat groups

It’s usually easy to find active groups that are similar to your channel or group. So identify some of them and start working in these groups and try to include your channel link in your activity plan. Give. This will give your users more trust and membership in your channel.

5:Use Cross-promotion

When the number of your users has reached the appropriate level (for example, 5,000-10,000 member), groups or channels with the same number of users as you can be a good lever to increase membership.
Try to identify these groups (your priority is similar groups, but try to have a variety of topics). Talk to these groups and try to work with them.
This is a free method, but there is no guarantee that it will work 100%.

6:Use of Telegram channel introduction Websites

If you do a Google search for “Telegram groups” , you will be presented with a variety of sites that will give you a large list of Telegram channels that you can subscribe to. One way to increase your Telegram membership is to register your channel on these sites.
Sites like tgstst and combot do this.
The advantage of this method is that by searching for channels, your channel will be displayed in Google search results. However, your channel may not be searched by users on Google.

So far, we’ve covered some free ways to increase your Telegram group and channel users. Depending on how you use it, it will take time to see the effect. Organic methods usually have a long-term effect. Here’s how to put one together for use with your money. These methods have a faster effect.

Paid Method to increase Telegram member

1:Buy telegram member for channel

One of the direct and, of course, paid ways to increase Telegram subscribers is to use Telegram member purchase services. There are usually several types of Telegram members, namely, the real telegram member (online) and the fake telegram (offline). If you have a channel to sell goods, it is better to buy real channel member.
But if you are a news, sports and entertainment channel, you can use the real and fake members together and in addition, buy Telegram channel post view.
This package allows you to both increase user engagement and increase user engagement.
Using this package for the channels that advertise there can increase their revenue.

2:Use Paid promotions in Telegram

One of the quickest ways to increase your Telegram membership is to use ads on Telegram channels and groups. Our statistics in Mr. Social show that for a 24-hour ad in groups, about 500 users will be added to your channel.
One of the important advantages of this method is that the users who are attracted to your channel or group are all purposeful and active.
But the disadvantage of this method is that it is more expensive than other methods, and if you do not advertise with full awareness, you may not get the desired result or you may even abuse your trust.
If you are planning to advertise your channel on Telegram and you do not know how to do it, I suggest you read the how to promote telegram channel post.

3:Use Targeted advertising on Facebook ads

Another great option is to use targeted Facebook ads. Facebook Ads allows you to attract targeted and appropriate audiences for your channel.

facebook ads service

The advantage of this method is that it attracts targeted users. But the disadvantage of this method is that it is very expensive. In addition, you need the help of a professional consultant to set up an advertising campaign on Facebook, because Facebook Ads settings are very sensitive and the slightest mistake can make your ad ineffective.

4:Buy telegram robots

With telegram robots, you can get from 0 to 50k overnight.(Of course, the number of members depends on the cost you pay.)

use telegram bots
It is easy to buy a Telegram robot. The bots you buy aren’t really real users, they’re programmed by software to mimic the behavior of a real user. In fact, they’re a fake user.
These bots don’t actually see your posts and don’t buy your product, but they can increase the number of real members of your Telegram channel.
The advantage of using Telegram robots is that they are cheap, the number of your members is growing fast.
The disadvantage of this method is that users are fake and ineffective and Telegram may delete them.

However, if a large number is very important and basic for your Telegram channel, it is better to buy Fake channel member or a Telegram robot.


Remember that free methods take longer to produce results, but the results are more durable. On the other hand, monetary methods are faster methods and can bring you a variety of users.
If you know or have experienced better methods, let us know.



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