Telegram and other social media users always check the simplicity and accessibility of a social network, and this is the criterion that makes them choose a particular social network. One of the tools that helps people in Telegram to get what they want faster is the invitation link in the group or channel. The question of many small and large channel managers is how to make an invitation link in Telegram. This article tells you how to create an invitation link and make it available to your users.

what is telegram invite link ?

Telegram invitation link is actually a short link that is provided to channel or group users so that they can easily send it to their friends and acquaintances. It may seem like a normal option, but it is not. I will continue to tell you why large and small channels and groups in Telegram should use the invitation link.

Advantages of using Telegram group/channel link:

1-quick access 

It allows users to access channel posts more quickly. This feature even allows people who are not members of the channel to quickly move to the main page of the channel and become members of the channel. In fact, it indirectly increases your users.

2-Better view telegram promotion

Once you’ve done your Telegram ads, using the invitation link will allow users who view your ads to move directly to your channel or group page, and this will speed up the process of attracting them. If you haven’t advertised on Telegram yet, I suggest you read How to promote your Telegram channel

3-buy telegram member or increase channel member

When you want to buy Telegram member, you need an Telegram ID or an invitation link, because usually the sites that sell Telegram members usually ask you for one of these two items. So you need it to increase your Telegram membership.

difference between invite link and telegram id

I will explain the difference between ID and invitation link in Telegram with an example. First I talk about telegram channels and then I go to groups. Each channel in Telegram has its own address, known as an ID, and is marked with @. You must have seen these addresses. For example, a friend of yours sent you the @MrSocial_Admin channel address. This is the normal link of a channel that you have to give to Telegram at the beginning of creating the channel, and it can be easily found and even changed. Just log in to your user information.

But the problem is that when someone clicks on this link, they just log in to your channel and just click the Join button at the bottom of the page to become a member of your channel. And well, there are times when someone likes your channel, but forgets to press that button. But there is another way.

The join button is for telegram channels that are available to everyone and are called public channels. But when it’s a private channel and not everyone can join, it’s a little different. If a telegram channel is private, there is only one invitation link instead of an ID, and the audience will immediately become a member of your private channel by clicking on it.

There is a way that even if your channel is a public Telegram channel, you can still create a Join link for it, which has exactly the same function as the link of Telegram’s private groups and channels.

create a Telegram invitation link

So far, we’ve talked about what a Telegram invitation link is and what its uses are. Now we want to tell you how to make it.

how to find telegram channel invite link ?

Before making the invitation link, you must make sure that you do not have this link. So it is better to go to your channel page in Telegram and click on the channel or group information. In this section, you can see all the information of your channel.

find invitation link telegram channel
If you have an invitation link, you will see exactly one telegram link with the invite link written below it.
If you haven’t seen such a thing, then you need to create a Telegram invitation link.

create telegram invitation link for public channel

For public channels and groups, you can create or change the invitation link of Telegram channel in this way.

According to the pictures below, change or create a link.

change telegram invite link

edit link invite telegram

create invite link for private channel step by step

There is no difference between running this method on a mobile phone or a desktop, and you can do it both ways.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is turn your public channel into a private channel. To do this, log in to your channel’s information page and click on edit at the top right of the page. On Android phones, the settings are displayed with a gear icon.

Step 2: From the settings section in your computer’s Telegram, click change public channel. On Android phones, too, you have to press channel info.

Step 3: On the page that opens, you can select your channel type. Press the private channel option and don’t worry about anything.

Step 4: When you select the private option, the Link section of the settings page changes and it is no longer a simple address. Just click on this link (or touch it on your phone) to copy it automatically.

Step 5: Now just press Cancel to keep your channel (publicly) unchanged.



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