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The Best Tools for Analyzing and Statistics Telegram channels

In the world of digital business, statistics and data have a special place and help us to use the best methods and be more careful in our choices. This issue is equally important in the social network and Of course, it can have a huge impact on the growth of your business. Telegram is also one of the most powerful and popular social networks in the world. That’s why in this article I want to introduce you to the best tools for analyzing Telegram groups and channels and chat  analytics in telegram.

All of the items we introduce in this article provide accurate statistics from your Telegram channel, some of which are free or paid. I will try to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each of these Telegram analysis tools.

These tools help you better manage your activity and your competitors on this friendly and filtered platform by analyzing your performance and competitors. Especially for reviewing the channels you consider for your advertising work. Some of these tools are for channel analysis and some are for group management and analysis. I have introduced a tool for exclusive content analysis.

introduce best telegram channel Analyzing services

Before introducing Telegram analysis services, it is better to know that service providers provide different services. For Telegram analysis services, including channel and Telegram analysis services, Telegram chat analysis and content analysis. Each of them will help you to have a more accurate understanding of the different parts of your telegram channel.

1-TGSTAT website

TGSTAT An Analytics Telegram with statistical information of more than 100,000 Telegram channels with the support of several different languages, which has been in use since the beginning of July 2017. TGStat features content-based channel rankings, membership rates, and visits on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Due to the large database of this site, it has a very good feature that lists the “introduced channels” in that channel and the “introductory channels” in that channel as well. All in all, the site is great for reviewing the channels you want to advertise on, and the important thing is that it’s completely free.

tgstst view telegram

number of views

tgstat sub telegram

number of subscribers telegram channel in tgstat

tgstat post telegram

number of published post in telegram channel

tgstat avg post telegram

average post reach and err%

Of course, one of the outstanding features of this site, which is unique, is that it is multitasking. By entering the main page of the website, you can see the list of countries and languages ​​in it and select the language and country you want.

Of course, this site has a telegram robot called TGstat Bot , which allows you to view and save statistics without leaving the telegram.
There is another telegram robot called SearcheeBot that gives you a list of the best telegram channels related to the subject of your activity. If you are planning to Promote your Telegram channel, this robot will help you a lot. If you do not have enough experience to advertise your Telegram channel, it is better to read this article: How to promote your Telegram channel


2-Popsters Website

Popsters is a good option to find the most popular posts in Telegram. This service shows which posts have had the most engagement and attracted the most visitors. Popsters is a paid service, but you can use this service for a week for free. To view the plans of this Website, you can go to the Pricing section.

popster website view

You can also have a variety of information formats on the output by selecting different plans.For Example:PDF, PPTX, XLSX.

The tool finds posts that receive the highest number of views or the highest visibility rate (VR). This metric evaluates the post’s degree of visibility, i.e. the percentage of subscribers who have seen the post.

On popsters , you can figure out and assess the best week days and day hours to post.Moreover, Popsters allows exporting all the channel’s content over the required period.

In addition, the tool analyzes :

  • VR by content type
  • VR by text length
  • Number of posts by text length
  • Number of posts by content type
  • Relative activity by text length and content type
  • Post views

Another feature of this service is that in addition to Telegram, it also supports other platforms. If you use several different platforms for advertising and sales, this service is a good option for you.

3-teleme Website

It is a tool for easy management of telegram groups. There are many services available, including managing the activities of group members or other Telegram group managers, monitoring the activities of group members, and getting access to all activities and reports on the service.

teleme telegram service

teleme telegram service

Analyzing and reporting on the number of members, the number of people entering and leaving, the number of active members and the hours of more activity in the group are among the most important features of this service.
Using this service is paid, but you can use it for 1 month for free and test it.  In addition, to use Teleme, you need to give your Telegram channel account access to this service so that it can collect information.

manage member teleme


4-Combot Website

Combot Website One of the most common and useful robots for monitoring chats, filtering spam and analyzing the activities of group members. It’s very easy to use, just add it to your group and start it.

combot website view

This service is available both through the website and through the Telegram Combot . With this robot, you can easily view all the information and details of your Telegram channel or group.

The Combot service has three different plans: Basic, Premium and Business, of which the Basic Plan is a free, but limited plan, and you can only have the information of 200 member.

how to choose best tools for analyzing telegram channel?

The services we mentioned in this article all have strengths and weaknesses, so it is not wise to use just one of them to analyze the Telegram channel, as some of these tools may not meet your needs. And in your opinion, they are useless tools.

I will tell you which of the mentioned tools to use for Telegram channel analysis.

There are different platform types in Telegram: channels and groups / chats.Telegram has few metrics to assess. These are subscribers and views for channels and members and activity for chats.

  • Use Tgstat to analyze a Telegram channel. It shows Telegram statistics: views, subscribers, shares and channel mentions.
  • Use Combot to analyze a chat. It calculates activity of each user and total chatting activity.
  • Use Popsters to assess content. The tool significantly expands the capabilities of Telegram analytics. It finds the most popular posts and analyzes post success in terms of different parameters: posting time, text length, content format.
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